Often I have insights and ideas I want to convey to wrestlers or parents, but they pop up on the drive home from practice or tournaments. So I figured why not just record what I’m thinking and post it for everyone to listen to. I wouldn’t call it a podcast per-se as these will likely be just a couple minutes long. But feel free to bookmark this page and see what it may grow into.


Wrestling with panic vs. calm & confidence

When wrestlers have a sense of panic, this leads to getting out of position. Wrestlers need to learn how to be calm & confident while still having a sense of urgency. Parents can have a direct affect on this.

Doing hard things

Wrestlers need to learn they can and should do hard things. But they also need to develop the internal motivation and desire to want to do the hard stuff.

Taking ownership over your training

What it means to take ownership, why it’s important and things parents do to hinder this process.