Level Up provides year round and seasonal programs designed for both experienced & beginner wrestlers. Check out our practice schedule and program rates for more details.

New to Wrestling? Check out this quick guide that will help you understand how it all works and how Level Up works along side local school programs.

Wrestling Seasons

Folkstyle Wrestling
(Nov – Early March)

Folkstyle is the primary wrestling season and style of wrestling performed in high school and college. Level Up provides supplemental training for high school and youth wrestlers who already wrestle for a school feeder program OR you can wrestle full time for Level Up. This is completely up to you.

Freestyle Wrestling
(Mid March – May)

One of THE best ways to improve for the next season is to wrestle Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling.  These are the Olympic styles of wrestling and are lots of fun. Training is offered 5 days a week, making it easy for those playing spring sports to continue the progress they made during folkstyle season.

Summer Wrestling
(June – July)

Daily sessions as well as several summer camps are available to continue improving your skills. Even just 1-2 days a week can make a HUGE difference in progressing to next levels.  Plus, having a regular summer activity can help those long days pass by quicker.

Fall / Pre-Season Wrestling
(Aug – Oct)

Whether you come 1-2 days a week while playing another sport OR you make wrestling your fall sport, this time can make a HUGE difference in progressing to next levels and preparing for the main winter season. Also, with our Wrestling Fundamentals program, brand new wrestlers do not have to wait until folkstyle season to start.

Session Types

Open, Intermediate & Advanced Sessions

Open Sessions

These sessions were created to provide experienced wrestlers the tools they need to grow in the sport and compete at higher and higher levels. These practices enable us to focus on chain wrestling concepts, more progressive techniques and the intensity needed to help each wrestler reach their potential. For ages 7-18. Beginner wrestlers or those with limited experience should attend the Pee Wee, Fundamentals or Intermediate sessions.

Sessions run from 6:30-8:15 M-Th

Intermediate Session

Designed for those with at least 1 season under their belt. This session will focus heavily on improving position, common mistakes and developing a higher pace.

Sessions run Sundays from 3:00 – 4:30pm and Mon/Wed from 5:30-6:30pm

Advanced Session

For advanced middle school and high school wrestlers only. This will be a higher pace and cover situations that come up vs. other high level opponents. If you are unsure if you should attend this practice please email donovan@levelupwrestling.com to confirm.

Sessions run Sundays from 4:30 – 6:00pm

Pee Wee & Wrestling Fundamentals

Pee Wee Classes

A beginner class designed for the learning style of younger wrestlers 5-7 years old. (Seven year olds with a good attention span may attend the Wrestling Fundamentals class instead.) This class includes interactive wrestling drills and games, as well as teaches base level coordination and athleticism.

Practices are currently combined with the Wrestling Fundamentals class.

Wrestling Fundamentals

Designed to build a solid foundation of basic skills for beginner wrestlers ages 7-11 (Older beginners should start with the Intermediate practices. Seven year olds with low attention spans should attend Pee Wee classes). The goal of these sessions is to help wrestlers build confidence, love the sport of wrestling and progress to the experienced sessions.

Practices run Tues & Thurs from 5:30-6:30pm.

Private Sessions

Individualized attention creates the most significant gains. Tailored specifically to each wrestlers strengths and weaknesses, we create a personalized plan of attack.  Private sessions are individually designed to develop specific skills and learn how to apply those in live situations.  If available, we will analyze match video as part of developing the plan and use ongoing video analysis to track progress and constantly work on improvements.

Wrestlers can purchase a single session or packs of 5-10 sessions, work one-on-one with a coach or with a partner. Private sessions are great for both experienced wrestlers and beginners.

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