Level Up Wrestling Center was created to help wrestlers achieve breakthrough moments, no matter what stage they are.  Whether you are a beginner learning for the first time or an experienced wrestler competing for a state or national title, we can help.

Located in the East Cobb area in Marietta, GA, we provide coaching for wrestlers ages 5-18 years old so they can improve their skills, build confidence, win more matches and have fun.

New to Wrestling? Check out this quick guide that will help you understand how it all works and how Level Up works along side local school programs.

Our Mission

Teach kids from 5-18 valuable life lessons through the sport of wrestling. That hard work, determination and continuously working to improve are what it takes to achieve success.

Help take kids at all starting points (beginners through elite) and help them progress through levels of success to reach their goal.

Produce nationally competitive wrestlers by exposing new kids to the sport of wrestling and cultivating their talents through top notch coaching.

Create a love for the sport of wrestling that breeds long term self-motivation

Coaching Philosophy

  • Positive and encouraging atmosphere, while at the same time instilling the discipline necessary to become successful in wrestling. We will challenge our wrestlers both physically and mentally, building confidence through accomplishing hard things and learning how to push outside of their comfort zone.
  • Wrestling should be fun. But winning is a lot more fun than losing, so we teach what it takes to win.
  • Focus on the whole wrestler and living a successful lifestyle that transcends wrestling. Creating wrestlers, not just teaching wrestling.
  • Leverage multiple planes of learning – doing, seeing, hearing, teaching and applying (video, hard live, technique)…optimized for maximum retention and application.
  • Treat each child as an individual – Tailored to individual styles, strengths and weaknesses as much as possible. Create a systematic progression and training plan.

About the Coach

Donovan Panone has been coaching youth and high-school wrestling for over 25 years. In 2015, he decided to pursue his passion as a full-time career and open Level Up Wrestling Center. Since opening, Level Up has produced numerous youth and high school state champions, as well as Folkstyle and Olympic style National Champions and All-Americans including Super 32, NHSCA Nationals, USAW Freestyle & Greco-Roma nationals (Kids & Fargo) and more.

At a glance:

  • Dedicated to helping kids at all levels achieve success and develop a love for the sport
  • Coached hundreds of state champions and placers
  • Produced All-Americans and National Champions in folkstyle, freestyle and greco-roman (including Super 32, USAW Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman (Kids & Fargo) nationals)
  • Wrestlers have gone on to the collegiate level at Duke, Navy, Army, UTC, Virginia, American University and more
  • Team Minion Middle School Team Coach
  • Team Georgia National Team Coach
  • 2017 Schoolboy Duals National Championship Team Coach