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New to Wrestling?

If you are new to wrestling and want to understand how it all works, this quick guide will help.  If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to Coach Donovan at donovan@levelupwrestling.com

For more about the benefits of wrestling, read Why Kids Should Wrestle.
What exactly is wrestling?

The oldest sport – Wrestling is the oldest […]

Patterns of Successful Wrestling Parents

I used to always wonder if there was something that parents of the “good wrestlers” were doing differently. Over time, I’ve observed that there are definitely common characteristics and actions of these parents. There are no guarantees, and plenty of wrestlers have found success despite not having parents with these traits, but it certainly can’t […]

Why Level Up Summer Wrestling Camps?

There are lots of choices, so why Level Up?  Our summer wrestling camps are built on a system that sticks. We offer camps for both beginner and experienced wrestlers of all ages.

Camps are filling up, so sign up ASAP to reserve your spot at www.levelupwrestling.com/camps
What Makes our Summer Wrestling Camps Different?
There are several options out there, […]

Top 6 Reasons to Attend a Beginner Wrestling Camp this Summer

“Beginners” are defined as brand new wrestlers and those entering their second season.  This is a critical time in a wrestler’s development where they will develop habits that can define long term success in the sport. It is also the time when, with positive coaching influences, they will develop a love for wrestling.

Getting off-season practice […]

Why Kids Should Wrestle

In 20+ years of coaching, I have seen kids grow up through the sport, become adults and reap the rewards of what they’ve learned through experiencing the greatest and oldest sport on earth.

There are several incredible benefits of wrestling, not only that can positively affect children but also as they grow into an adult. In […]

Why I Started Level Up

For the last 21 years of volunteer coaching (13 with the Pope Jr program), all I could think about each day was how I could improve the wrestlers I was coaching and how I could improve as a coach myself.  It’s been an obsession. Constantly studying the sport, as well as different techniques for teaching […]

The Progression of a Wrestler

Where it Starts
Every wrestler starts with different tools to be successful. Some are naturally strong, some are fast, some are technical and some have great balance. And then some aren’t blessed with the natural skills right off the bat. But they have the determination to get better and that’s what will allow them to go […]

How to be a Wrestling Parent

Wrestling is a tough sport and is different than most youth sports. It’s not only more physically exerting, it can be much harder mentally. Being an individual sport, all the pressure to win or lose rests solely on your child’s shoulders. Some kids aren’t affected by this, but for others it can be overwhelming.

But that’s […]