“Beginners” are defined as brand new wrestlers and those entering their second season.  This is a critical time in a wrestler’s development where they will develop habits that can define long term success in the sport. It is also the time when, with positive coaching influences, they will develop a love for wrestling.

Getting off-season practice time in can make a big difference for the next season and summer wrestling camps are a big part of that.  Below are 6 top reasons a beginner should attend a wrestling camp.

  1. Try it before committing to the season – While wrestling isn’t for everyone, but you won’t really know until you’ve tried it out. A camp is perfect because it’s only a commitment of a few days and you will learn all of the basic aspects of what’s involved in the sport.
  2. Build Confidence – Camps provide a big head start going into the next season. Whether it’s their 1st year or need to gain an edge for their 2nd year, the skills developed at a good camp will help.  In fact, sometimes just the experience of attending a camp can give kids a boost.
  3. Improve Wrestling Skills – For 3-5 days in a row, all the focus is on learning wrestling skills. While some camps teach a high quantity of “moves”, this can result in the wrestler not retaining anything. Level Up camps are designed to maximize retention by implementing a system of progression as well as application of techniques through drills and live wrestling.
  4. Burn Summer Energy – Summer are days are long. There’s no better way to tire them out than to wrestle all day!
  5. Positive & Healthy Summer Activity – Wrestling camps are not glorified day cares. We will have fun, but also keep them busy with a great physical activity.
  6. Have Fun – Wrestling is very rewarding and lots of fun. Campers will meet new friends and a special bond is built between those who train together.

There are many great camps out there, but Level Up offers ones specifically dedicated to both new and experienced wrestlers.

Check out our list of camps here.