Level Up College Recruiting Program

Interested in wrestling nationally and in college? Level Up now offers two programs that will help get you there. While there are no guarantees of scholarship offers, these programs will guide you to take the necessary steps to put yourself in a position to be recruit-able.

Please note: These programs are 100% elective. Those who do not participate will still get the same high quality training and off the mat coaching that we’ve always delivered. These programs are designed to provide additional training, accountability and consulting for those interested in competing at a high level nationally as well as wrestling in college. You can decide to participate in one or both programs.

Program 1: National Event “Elite Group” Training Plan

What: Monthly group training plan set up specifically for upcoming national events. The big difference is that instead of the training schedule being decided by what the wrestler or parent determines, this is a team program directed by the coaches, holding the wrestlers accountable.

Who: High school wrestlers serious about competing nationally and being recruited for college wrestling. Select middle school wrestlers may participate with permission. Wrestlers must already be in the “advanced” practice group to be eligible.

What’s included:

  • Monthly training schedule – Includes separate “team” practices and match days (some Fridays and Saturdays) in addition to the normal Level Up schedule, lifting, conditioning, video review days and recovery days.
  • Individualized developmental action plan (goal setting, personal evaluation, skill & technique focus, strength training, mindset, which tournaments to enter, etc.). Includes video review of recent matches and consultation with wrestlers to help determine areas to focus on.
  • Individualized consulting & accountability – We will take attendance each practice, as well as consult with each wrestler every two weeks to track and grade their progress
  • Weight class selection and weight management consultation
  • Discounts at future college recruiting camps
  • Does not include private lessons

*Wrestlers must be serious and can get asked to leave the group if not holding their own. Must attend at least 1 major national event per season.

Cost: $200 for each national event season (separate cost for each season)

  • Spring: NHSCA Nationals/World Team Trials – March, April
  • Summer: Cadet/Junior Duals, Fargo – May, June
  • Pre-Season: Grappler Fall Classic, Super 32 – Sept, Oct
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Program 2: College Recruiting Plan & Consulting

What: Proactive planning & consulting to put wrestlers in the best position to be recruited. While there is no guarantee for scholarships, this program will ensure all the steps are happening when they need to and wrestlers find the right college fit to accomplish their goals. **Note: All Level Up wrestlers will still get quality advice regardless of participating in this. The program goes beyond advice and is designed to be highly in-depth and proactive.

Who: High school wrestlers interested in wrestling in college starting March 1 during their 10th grade year or anytime after

What’s included:

  • Detailed questionnaire and process to help determine selection criteria and determine an initial list of top 15 schools
  • Meetings with family and wrestler to help narrow down goals and criteria important to them
  • Checklist and timeline for key steps in the process
  • Consultation & plan for developing a wrestling resume (what events to attend based on current and desired level, grades, training focus)
  • Profile development to include wrestler summary (personality, character, accomplishments), grades, detailed accomplishments, significant wins, links to videos of key matches and significant wins, coach’s notes
    • Profile to be included on Level Up website as well as select recruiting website databases
  • Social media profile evaluation and consultation
  • Consulting for how and when to communicate with coaches
    • List of questions to ask coaches (early stages as well as during the recruiting process and visits)
    • How to proactively reach out and introduce yourself via email & social media
    • Consulting on how to put your best self forward
    • Mock interviews & phone calls helping the wrestler learn how to communicate and sell themselves
    • Communication log to track notes and dates of communication
  • Our personal outreach to the coaches (emails, texts, phone calls, etc.), both upfront, prior to big events, and ongoing
  • Advice on each school regarding reputation, coaching fit, programs depth and who they are recruiting at their weight class
  • Use of a decision matrix to help evaluate the final list of schools based on criteria
  • Ongoing consulting with the wrestler and family to help narrow down choices and make a final decision
  • Advice and help with negotiating scholarship offers

Cost: $295 initial payment covers the first month + $55/month for the next 11 months (can be cancelled at any time if signed or services no longer needed)

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