COVID-19 Update + New Option for Training Starts Apr 1st

The President’s Council original 15 day closure of gyms, restaurants, etc. ends on March 31st. Cobb County has now also provided guidelines to be followed through April 15th which do not specifically address gyms. They do say restaurants may be open for takeout or delivery only to limit exposure and all “non-essential businesses” should only operate from 6am – 9pm […]

New Schedule and Training Programs

***UPDATE: Based on the President’s Council recommendation of closing for 15 days, we will close through March 31st and plan to re-open April 1st when the COVID-19 situation has settled. Check the Edmodo class for daily drills, workouts and assignments. Class code: g2zq5s **
Check the Schedule page for updates.***
Starting March 15, 2020 we will evolve our training programs. Please see below for all […]

Level Up 2019 Hammerfest

Hammerfest is designed to bring some of the areas best youth and middle school wrestlers together for a Saturday of live action to prep for the season, VAC and other big events.

Who: This event is for experienced youth and middle school wrestlers only. You may invite others, but we will be limited to the first 50 wrestlers.

Structure: Heavy focus on position […]

Level Up Super 32 Prep Camp 2019

This prep camp is designed specifically to prepare for high level competition. We will bring some of the area’s best high school and youth wrestlers together for a Saturday of intense live action to prep for the upcoming Super 32 and USAW Pre-Season Nationals tournament.

Who: This event is for experienced high school and youth wrestlers only. You may invite others, but we […]

New Schedule including Pee Wee and Intermediate Classes

Starting April 8th, 2019 we will expand our schedule to include a Pee Wee class and more Intermediate classes.
Pee Wee Class
A beginner class designed for the learning style of younger wrestlers 5-7 years old. (Seven year olds with a good attention span may attend the Beginner Fundamentals class instead.) This class includes interactive wrestling drills and games, as well as teaches […]

2019 Summer Wrestling Camp Schedule

Hone your skills this by attending one or multiple Level Up Summer Wrestling Camps.  Why Level Up wrestling camps compared to all the other choices? We take a systematic approach to teaching that both maximizes learning and makes it fun. We are very detailed and teach in “series” in order to flow based on common opponent reactions.  Read more about what […]